Innovative Research for Price Transparency in Healthcare

Since 2010, PricePoint Health Research’s goal has been to help lower healthcare costs in the United States by improving price transparency.  We perform research studies in local towns across the country to find out what it costs to visit different hospitals and doctors.


PricePoint Health Research procures, analyzes and summarizes current cost and price information across the country, helping to promote transparency in the healthcare industry.


We are a private research company and have no affiliation with any government and do not receive any form of government funding.


Lack of Transparency

When you order food in a restaurant or fill your tank with gas, you can estimate your actual cost by looking at the menu or the gas pump.  Unfortunately, shopping for healthcare is not as easy.


Healthcare is an industry where there is very limited price transparency.  Healthcare providers and health insurance companies are not required to show the public what it will cost the patient to receive services.


Normally, patients don’t know what the actual cost of their hospital or doctor visit will be until after they have received the bill from the hospital.  PricePoint Health believes that patients should be able to more easily and accurately estimate what it will cost them before they visit a hospital or choose a doctor. 


Our Research

To continue our research efforts we need access to current comparative cost data.  This is where the patient comes in.  We compensate patients for sharing information about the costs of their hospital and doctors visits.


Statistical findings from our research are shared with hospitals and doctors in your local market.  Just like any other business, healthcare providers need to compete for your business.  With our findings, many healthcare providers are realizing that they are overpriced in the market and are lowering the prices of their services to win your business.


Since 2010, we have analyzed millions of patient hospital bills.  We have discovered a great deal of variation in what hospitals and doctors charge for similar services in the same market.  PricePoint has learned that it is very common for patients to overpay for certain hospital procedures based on the provider or site of service.


We conduct our research to discover what it costs to visit hospitals and doctors for the following types of procedures:

  • Inpatient Stays
  • Maternity Stays
  • CT-Scan
  • MRI
  • Other Diagnostic Imaging
  • Emergency Room Visits
  • Outpatient surgeries
  • And Other Outpatient Testing