Paid Research Opportunity

Earn $100 | Paid Research Opportunity
How It Works

Payments are fast! Participation is easy and everything is conducted over the phone!

PricePoint Health Step 1Step 1: Call our patient support representatives to find out if your hospital visit meets our data needs. Patient Support: (800) 914-3620

PricePoint Health Step 2Step 2: If your hospital visit meets our needs then we will ask you to share the costs of your visit.

Earn $100Step 3: Once you have shared your cost information with us we will send you a check payment. Payments are made immediately.


Our Promise

We promise the following to every patient:

  • Confidentiality – Your information is secure. We guarantee no future solicitations.  PricePoint Health Research does not publish, nor make public, information that will compromise the identity nor the security of our research participants. We respect the privacy of our participants and will never ask for their date of birth, social security #, policy #, claim # or any other personal information. We prefer the patient to hide or mask such personal data before sharing cost data with us.  The only personal information we will ever need is your name and the mailing address to send you payment for your participation. Your hospital cost information is summarized for computational purposes only.

  • Customer Service – Professional, respectful and honest 100% of the time. Our patient support representatives are committed to serving patients and to providing them with a positive experience while working with us. Our team is comprised of healthcare industry experts. Our team is available 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., 7days per week to respond to you.

  • Credibility – We have a track record. PricePoint Health Research has been conducting its research for five years. We are a BBB Accredited Business.  Please feel free to click on the BBB link at the top of this page to view our BBB profile.