Healthcare Cost and Price Transparency

In 2018, 17% of our U.S. Gross Domestic Product — roughly $3.0 trillion — will be spent on healthcare good and services.  Over the next decade, health spending is projected to grow at an average of 5.8% per year.


Let’s do the math.  An American family earning $50,000 per year will spend an average of $8,500 per year on healthcare.  By 2025, this same family is projected to spend approximately $15,000 per year on healthcare.  This means that healthcare costs are expected to nearly double over the next decade!


One of the more significant obstacles to control healthcare costs is the lack of price transparency available to consumers and healthcare providers.


Since 2010, PricePoint Health Research’s goal has been to help lower healthcare costs in the United States by improving price transparency.  We perform research studies in local towns across the country to find out what it costs to visit different hospitals and doctors.


PricePoint Health Research is a private research company and has no affiliation with any government and does not receive any form of government funding. 



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